The Evolution of our Comment Policy

We at SFS are constantly trying to improve the environment we’ve created while still enabling a free and open exchange of ideas with the fewest restrictions possible. We’re proud of the debates and discussions that have begun here, and the dialogs that continue both on and off the blog. Every so often we review the products of these discussions and evaluate how well they function within the context of both our core readership and casual visitors.

To that effect, we’re amending our comment policy with a new principle. It is not an additional rule, but rather a philosophy of discussion that we would ask our readers to consider.

Commenters (including blog authors) are asked to adhere to the philosophy laid out by Wayne C. Booth:

“Intellectual understanding is one of the best versions of the Golden Rule: Listen to others as you would have others listen to you. Precise demonstration of truth is important but not as important communal pursuit of it. Put in terms of Kant’s categorical imperative, When addressing someone else’s ideas, your obligation is to treat them as you believe all human being ought to treat on another’s ideas.”

~Wayne C. Booth (My Many Selves: The Quest for a Plausible Harmony)

Please take a look at our Comment Policy. We look forward to hearing from you.

~Southern Fried Scientist