Weekly does of TED – Mike Rowe celebrates dirty jobs

This is a major departure from the type TED talks we usually post, but it touches on many themes I think about all the time. We talk a lot about regulations, safety protocols, and best practices. But regulations and protocols are not always the best, safest, or most humane methods available and the people actually doing the job everyday often have a very different interpretation of their role. This is perfectly reflected in both the lamb story and the quote from the captain – “My responsibility is not to get you home alive, my responsibility is to get you home rich.”

It’s an important thing for conservationists to remember how utterly and completely wrong we often are. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do the best job we can, but should be humble about it, and listen to the people who are out there doing it everyday.

Have you ever had a moment of Anagnorisis or Peripeteia?