Twitter #shark trivia

I just finished the Summer SharkTakular #shark trivia. I had a lot of fun with it, and it seems like participants had a lot of fun as well. I may make this a more regular thing in the future- stay tuned!

As requested, here is a summary of the questions, answers, and prizes.

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Get ready for the Summer SharkTakular!

Starting tomorrow, will be hosting the Summer SharkTakular, a week devoted to shark biology and conservation! The SharkTakular will include guest posts from experts from all corners of the shark world, including science, conservation, and filmmaking. It will also feature posts by yours truly! Be sure to follow along on Oceans4Ever all week.

There are also two other ways that you can get involved.

1) Twitter #Shark trivia! I will be hosting Twitter trivia all week. Monday-Saturday, I will post two #shark trivia questions each day. The respond to respond @WhySharksMatter with the correct answer will win a shark-themed prize! Questions will increase in difficulty throughout the week, and prizes will increase in value accordingly! The questions can come at any time, but I will give one hour’s notice before posting a question. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for a chance at winning a prize!

2) Manic Monday! Each Monday on the Southern Fried Science Facebook fan page, we post a question or contest. This week’s will be about shark science! Make sure that you are a fan of Southern Fried Science so that you can enter!

See you at! Happy SharkTakular!