Twitter #shark trivia

I just finished the Summer SharkTakular #shark trivia. I had a lot of fun with it, and it seems like participants had a lot of fun as well. I may make this a more regular thing in the future- stay tuned!

As requested, here is a summary of the questions, answers, and prizes.

Day one. Prize: American Elasmobranch Society shark pen.

Question one: What is the best scientific estimate of how many sharks are killed for their fins each year? The answer is NOT 100 million! Good luck!

Answer: Up to 73 million (I  accepted “73 million”).

Question two: Name a US State where it is legal to buy, sell, or possess shark fins.

Answer: (there are fifty correct answers- the 49 states that are not Hawaii, and “any state that isn’t Hawaii”)

Facebook fan page “Manic Monday Question: What species of shark do I study? Post it’s original scientific name as a comment on a post that mentions it.

Answer: The sandbar shark’s original scientific name was Squalus plumbeus

Day two. Prize: AES Shark Antenna Topper

Question one: Eight species were proposed for protection at the last CITES meeting. 1) Name any 2 of them. 2) How many of the eight received protection?

Answer: The eight species were porbeagle, oceanic whitetip, sandbar, spiny dogfish, dusky, great hammerhead, smooth hammerhead, and scalloped hammerhead. None received protection of any kind.

Question two: What species of shark do I study? Common name is fine.

Answer: Sandbar shark.

Day three. Prize: AES water bottle

Question one: Three species of sharks were protected by a tuna management body this spring. What management body am I referencing? Full name please

Answer: Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

Question two: Spiny dogfish are one of the few shark species harvested for their meat, not their fins. What common dish often uses spiny dogfish meat?

Answer: Fish and chips

Day four. Prize: AES Great white shark t-shirt

Question one: According to a recent (within the last 15) comic by @SharkToons, what is “not something you achieve, but who you are”?

Answer: “Top of the Food Chain”

Question two: Name a US university that uses a shark species that does not really exist as their mascot Also, name that shark species.

Answer: USC Beaufort Sand sharks

Day five. Prize: AES logo baseball cap

Question one: Monterrey Aquarium had a great white shark in captivity last year, and then released it. What happened to that shark? Please be specific!

Answer: It was killed by a fishing net in Mexico

Question two:   I just got a signed copy of Eugenie Clark’s “the Lady and the Sharks”….1) Name another book she has written 2) Where did Dr. Clark teach?

Answer: 1) Lady with a spear 2) University of Maryland
Day six. Prize: AES calendar

Question one: How is the #oilspill affecting sharks? Be as specific as you can.

Answer: There are several answers, but “they’re eating oil-contaminated food” is what won. Destroying nursery grounds was another common answer.

Question two: Name three extinct shark species other than megaladon.

Answer: Orthacanthus, Stelecanthus, and Cladoselache were the winners, though there are many.