Southern Fried Science Best of the Web 2010

Southern Fried Science is on vacation! Once again, we’ll be taking a break from blogging during the month of December. Weekly dose of TED and Biodiversity Wednesday will continue (since they don’t require any work on our part). While we’re gone, please enjoy a selection of exclusive penguin videos shot by Antarctic Adventurer David Honig. Don’t forget to check out the Gam to catch up with the rest of the Southern Fried Science Network,¬†follow us on twitter (Andrew, David, Amy), and subscribe to the Gam RSS feed for updates across the network. Regular posting will return in January.

In the mean time, consider this post an open thread to discuss anything about marine biology, graduate school, conservation, life in science, or just life in general. We’ll check in every so often.

Can’t last a month without the fry-off? Check out our favorite blogs, tweeps, and articles.

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