The Beneath the Waves Film Festival is touring the U.S. West Coast

Regular readers know that we are big fans of the Beneath the Waves Film Festival, which shows marine science and conservation movies (I’m actually a co-organizer). If you’ve been excited to attend the festival after reading about it on Southern Fried Science but haven’t been able to attend, this could be your chance. The flagship event takes place each March as part of the Benthic Ecology conference, but this year the festival has expanded to include a variety of public screenings throughout the country.

According to Beneath the Waves Film Festival director Austin Gallagher,

“The festival has teamed up with PangeaSeed, an international marine conservation group that combines art, photo, film, and research- to be part of their traveling art exhibit/film festival called the “Great West Coast Migration.” The show theme addresses the biggest threats facing the world’s oceans today.

Each stop of the tour will display incredible ocean and shark themed art, as well as a subset of films and discussion of ocean issues.  The tour just kicked off in Seattle and will now migrate south through Portland, San Francisco, LA, Costa Mesa, and San Diego. If you live on the west coast of the US, check out which stop is in your neck of the woods and stop by! “

Here are the upcoming tour dates and locations:

Portland, OR – July 21 – Grass Hut Co  Gallery , 6-9 pm (outdoor screening)]
-San Francisco, CA – July 28 – Spoke Art, Gallery 6-9 pm
-Los Angeles, CA – August 3 – LeBasse Projects Gallery , 6-9 pm
Costa Mesa, CA – August 11 – The TreeHouse/TheCamp 7-10 pm
-San Diego, CA – August 19 – Space 4 Art, 6-9 pm

For more information, please check out the West Coast Migration website or the Beneath the Waves Film Festival website. Let me know if you attend.


  1. Chuck · July 18, 2012

    No Vancouver screening to coincide with AES?

  2. Austin G · July 18, 2012

    Hey Chuck – a great idea, but given the time and planning associated with inserting into a conference, there was no way this year. Perhaps in the future.

    In the meantime you can check us out online – there are many films available there on our homepage.

  3. Jay · July 24, 2012

    Woohoo — Costa Mesa at the camp. Gonna grab some good grub at Taco Asylum before the show! Thanks for letting us know this tour in going down.

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