The blogosphere is abuzz about Great Migrations!

Last week, I posted a review of National Geographic’s Great Migrations. I loved it and encouraged others to watch.

If you didn’t catch it yet, there will be new episodes this coming Sunday. You don’t just have to take my word for it, though. Lots of blogs have been talking about this series.

Al from Deep Type Flow highlights some of the Georgia Aquarium’s whale shark research, which is featured on the Great Migrations website.

The Dorsal Fin agrees with me that the series portrayed sharks in a largely positive light.

Madhu of Reconciliation Ecology posted a thorough review of the first episode (Born to Move). While he didn’t like the way the stories were told as much as I did, he loved the incredible images.

Kevin of Deep Sea News says that both he and his five year old enjoyed the series.

Christie of Observations of a Nerd gives the series two thumbs up.

Dan from Beyond Bones encourages those who liked the series to check out related exhibits at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences.

Brian from LaeLaps enjoyed learning more about the complexity of nature.

Grrlscientist loved the engaging stories.

National Geographic is keeping a list of all blog reviews, which can be seen here in case I missed any.

All these nerds can’t be wrong! Check out Great Migrations on the National Geographic Channel.


Disclaimer: National Geographic sent me a DVD copy of the complete series, along with an associated coffee table book and poster.