Thoughts on an “oopsie”

If you ever find yourself pulling in a hand-deployed longline in murky water and the line gets heavy all of a sudden, the best thing to do is not to get on your knees and pull as hard as you can while leaning slightly overboard. Even though you might think the line is merely caught on something, you may have actually hooked a six foot blacktip shark that isn’t moving very much. While trying to untangle the line, you may inadvertently launch a six foot blacktip shark towards your face… teeth-first.


Here is what this oopsie might look like. Just change the small sandbar shark with a six foot blacktip in your head.


  1. Southern Fried Scientist · June 30, 2010

    The real tragedy here is that beard.

    • WhySharksMatter · June 30, 2010

      That photo is from last year’s Great Darwin Beard Challenge, but yeah, it got pretty bad.

    • Southern Fried Scientist · June 30, 2010

      Would this be from the same trip where you ended up as bycatch?

    • WhySharksMatter · June 30, 2010

      Nope, before that trip.

    • Southern Fried Scientist · June 30, 2010

      That explains the look on your face – little did you know where this lifestyle would lead you.

    • WhySharksMatter · June 30, 2010

      Indeed. That picture is actually of the first sandbar shark I ever caught, which also explains the giddy look.

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