Vote for Sophi: List of Oceana Ocean Hero finalists includes 8 year old shark conservationist

Oceana has released their list of finalists for the Ocean Hero award. As always, the finalists represent people who have done some amazing things for our oceans. This year, one of the nominees for the “Junior Hero” category is Sophi Bromenshenkel, an 8 year old shark conservationist.

Sophi and the cake from her recent 8th birthday

Since seeing a dead pregnant shark on the beach and becoming inspired to help these animals, Sophi has worked closely with the University of Miami’s RJ Dunlap Center for Marine Conservation to raise money for sharks. Using a variety of strategies (including a lemonade stand for sharks, speaking on the local evening news, and selling “Save Sharks With Sophi” wristbands) , this amazing young conservationist has raised over $3,500 for shark science. This money helps pay for satellite tags, and a tagged tiger shark now bears her name.

Shark conservationists have done well in this category historically- last year the Shark Finatics won. Let’s try to extend our streak. You can learn about the Ocean Hero finalists and vote for your favorites here.

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  1. Tatiana · May 24, 2011

    David, thanks so much for sharing Sohpi’s story! We are super excited for this year’s finalists – the Juniors especially are inspiring!

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