Wanted: An audience to learn about shark conservation

Recently, Andrew shared a video of me Skyping into a sixth grade class to talk about sharks. Long time readers and Twitter followers know that I regularly speak to local schools, community groups, conservation organizations, and even churches. I really enjoy speaking to the public about sharks, and since most of my speaking requests come from people who have previously seen one of my talks, it seems that people enjoy hearing about them from me.

I would like to do more public education talks. I’m happy to Skype in, which is totally free. I’d prefer to speak to groups in person, however. This is easiest if you live near Charleston, but if you are willing to get me to wherever you are, I’d probably be happy to come.

As a graduate student, I’m usually happy to work for free transportation, housing, and food. However, if you represent a larger organization that is capable of doing something like this, a donation to a shark conservation charity or research project would be appreciated.

If your classroom or group is interested in hearing about shark conservation and would like to discuss how to make this happen, please e-mail me at WhySharksMatter AT Gmail DOT com with the subject “Shark Conservation Talk”.