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#Ocean2Ocean: Corn Maze Edition

Screenshot 2013-08-19 at 11.35.00Location: Columbia, MO

Distance Traveled: 1119 miles

Distance Remaining: 1881 miles

MPG: 12.8

Status: awaiting repairs

The drive through Indiana and Illinois was long and uneventful. The goats have settled into their routine, and now seem to prefer napping in their crate to climbing in and out of the truck for a walkabout. We did get to see the St. Louis Arch as we drove through town, which the most exciting moment of the drive. Otherwise, we saw plenty of corn.

We stayed the night at the Circle B Ranch, another fabulous horse hotel. No llamas, this time, but the goats were delighted to have a stall to wander around and the horses were very curious about their new barn companions.

This morning, after more than 1000 miles, we finally had our first breakdown, as the surge-break assembly on one of trailer tires rusted out. We’re currently sitting in Columbia, MO awaiting a mechanic to come out and take a look. For what it’s worth, UHaul’s roadside assistance was professional and responsive.

Some more delightful questions:

What are you listening to?

I have a soft sport for skeptic podcasts, my favorite being Oh No Ross and Carrie, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Skeptic Zone, and Skeptics with a K. Amy has been catching up on This American Life .

Are you exhausted yet?

I have a new appreciation for 5-hour energy.

How’re the roads?

I have a new appreciation for North Carolina DOT.

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