365 days of Darwin: The first 3 months

Charlie has had quite and adventure these first few months. His journey began November 24, 2009 – the 150th anniversary of the publication of the Origin – by congratulating Kevin Zelnio on his outstanding Great Darwin Beard Challenge win:

Charlie and Me – 365 days of Darwin

From there, Charlie spent the next few days exploring the labs in Beaufort before heading out to Baltimore:

Charlie’s first real adventure began when He visited the Smithsonian Museum’s Sant Ocean Hall and Since Darwin – the Evolution of Evolution Exhibit:

Back in Beaufort, Charlie spent a few days helping out with lab and field work:

Charlie then joined the ZEPS Deep Sea Working Group in Ireland:

Exhausted after a long 2 weeks of travel, Charlie enjoyed the Christmas holidays at home:

New Years was a bit more intense:

After brewing a vat on Green Tea Pale Ale on January 14, 2010, Charlie heads out to a New Year’s oyster roast:

Finally, Charlie and the Southern Fried Science team arrive heroically at Science Online:

Charlie does some networking at the actual conference:

Post-conference, Charlie and everyone’s favorite beer yeast celebrated the launch of the newer, leaner, Southern Fried Science.

Charlie took a couple of days to hang out at the Duke Marine Lab a catch some #MMISS talks:

Before heading down to Florida for a little R and R with Bluegrass Blue Crab and some Southern Fried Parents:

Only to discover upon his return that North Carolina was full of snow!

Three months down, only nine months to go! Where should Charlie go next?

~Southern Fried Scientist



  1. Sam · February 23, 2010

    The creationism museum should be his next adventure. It’s just too perfect.

    You know, if it’s readily available…and coupon day.

  2. WhySharksMatter · February 24, 2010

    I’ll take him on a trip to Europe. Our readers pay for these photo gathering expeditions, right?

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