A new blog joins the Southern Fried Science Network

A new blog has just joined our humble little network. Head over to SouthernPlayalisticEvolutionMusic and give DNLee a hearty welcome!

From the author:

Yea, I love hip-hop and many might be surprised as how knowledgeable I am in all of the various hip-hop and rap demonimations.  I am a Hip-Hop Maven….and I’m also a nerdy girl.  Proud to be both.  So that brings me to my newest blog project – SouthernPlayalisticEvolutonMusic.  It’s a science blog about evolutionary biology explained via hip-hop music examples.  It’s housed at Southern Fried Science Network.

Why a new blog?  It’s a completely different topic – Evolutionary Biology; and it’s new voice for me.  I’m primarily writing to an adult audience.  I’m not using foul language or anything, but the evolutionary topics of sexual selection and mate choice are thoroughly explored. Plus, I will likely be sampling some songs with colorful language.  I wanted to keep the voice clear and respect the following this blog has aquired.  This is an introductory science blog about urban ecology that reaches diverse and family-friendly audiences.


Why are you still reading this? Go check out SouthernPlayalisticEvolutionMusic!

~Southern Fried Scientist