A roundup of recent deep-sea mining news

The author, pondering a polymetallic nodule.

The third part of the 27th session of the International Seabed Authority, a meeting where the rules and regulations about how the deep ocean will be mined, begins today. If process is your jam, you can watch the UN negotiations here: https://isa.org.jm/web-tv

For a very concise overview of where we currently stand, I published the transcript of my recent talk, here: Deep-Sea Mining: A whirlwind tour of the state of the industry and current policy regimes

Some recent press to get you up to speed

Hey, Andrew, did you really need to include three articles about the same New Zealand Story? Yes. One is from a New Zealand news source, one if from Papua New Guinea, who previously attempted deep-sea mining and now are generally opposed to new developments, and one is from the Cook Islands, who are actively pursuing deep-sea mining.

Detailed coverage of the previous meetings this session.

And, of course, follow the Deep-sea Mining Observer for a deep dive into the development of the Mining Code (though, regrettably, the DSMO will be going on hiatus after this year, so the next issue is the final issue).

One final note: This third meeting is only a meeting of the ISA Council. The ISA Assembly, which meets next June, has the authority to approve mining regulations. Which means that though much will be discussed, language will be hammered out, and compromises will be made, there will not be a final decision on the Mining Code in the next two weeks.