Call for chapters – Environmental Leadership: A Reference Handbook

The Nicholas School of the Environment is seeking scholarly editorial contributions to Environmental Leadership, a 2-volume, 100-chapter reference handbook that is part of the new SAGE Reference Series on Leadership. Chapters are anticipated to be 7000 words.  This is a unique opportunity to help define environmental leadership.  Academic and public libraries will be able to purchase the handbook as both a printed and a digital product.

The first volume will look at examples of environmental leadership in a range of fields, from grassroots efforts to corporate sustainability initiatives.  The topical sections of this 50-chapter volume include:

  • Perspectives on Environmental Leadership (environmental ethics, eco-feminism, etc.)
  • Political and Governmental Leadership
  • Private Sector Leadership
  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • Grassroots Activism
  • Environmental Leadership in Journalism, Literature and the Arts

The second volume will feature essays that focus on intractable qualities of environmental problem solving. We envision essays that focus on how environmental leadership has been applied to address specific problems, offering both analysis and advice. The overarching themes of this 50-chapter volume include:

  • Taking Action in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty
  • Promoting International Cooperation in the Face of Conflicting Agendas
  • Addressing Conflicts between Economic Progress and Environmental Protection
  • Addressing Complex Management Challenges
  • Addressing Environmental Injustices
  • Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

If any of these subjects pique your interest, please contact the managing editor, Deborah Rigling Gallagher at deb dot gallagher at duke dot edu for details.   She has prepared a preliminary list of articles and will send topic suggestions in your area of interest.  Please submit proposals (no longer than 200 words) to her.  Provide a brief summary of your current affiliation, related work, articles, and contact information.  Chapters will be due May 15, 2011.