Charlie and the Adventure: 3 months of a Charles Darwin doll wandering around the world

Once more, three months have passed in our ongoing series, 365 days of Darwin. For new readers, our favorite stuffed Charles Darwin doll is spending a year traveling around the world and updating us all on his adventures, daily. The last three months, Charlie has traveled farther than ever before. You can checkup on his first sixth months here: 365 days of Darwin: The first 3 months and here: 365 days of Darwin: The second 3 months. Check below the fold for a summary of his most recent 3 months. The adventure continues!

We kicked off Charlie and the Adventure with a sketch of the wanderer on May 25. From there Charlie went hiking around Asheville, NC and Pisgah National Forest:

After his hiking adventure, a much older looking Charlie 2.0 joined up with WhySharksMatter for a tour of Charleston:

Charlie then joined Bluegrass Blue Crab on an expedition to the Sargasso Sea:

Safely back on land, Charlie takes a break while Charlie 2.0 bumps around the south before finding himself on the other side of the globe (despite globes not having sides) in Australia:

Charlie took a break from the hectic pace of traveling to do a little work with his hands, building himself a very handy handy-stand:

Finally, at the conclusion of a 3 month adventure, Charlie heads to Pittsburgh with Bluegrass Blue Crab and WhySharksMatter for the Ecological Society of America meeting:

Finally, an epic meeting between Charlie and Charlie 2.0 to conclude this adventure:

Nine months down, three months to go. Join us every day as Charlie continues his year long  journey in 365 days of Darwin!

~Southern Fried Scientist