Charlie and the Adventure – 365 days of Darwin

Packed up and ready to go, an artist’s facsimile of Charlie, ready for adventure

Six months ago we made a declaration. It was the end of the Year of Darwin – his 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of Origin. The science blogosphere had been abuz all year with Darwin themed events, education initiatives, discussions about evolution, takedowns of creationist nonsense. As the year of Darwin came to a close, we didn’t want that energy to be lost. We wanted to do something to remind people every day that the Theory of Evolution – Darwin’s Theory – matters. And so, 365 days of Darwin was born.

The idea was simple. Travel the world with a Charlie Darwin doll, taking pictures of him on his journeys. And he has had some journeys: across the US, to scientific meetings, blogging conventions, workshops, celebrating milestones, even a trip to Ireland. But none of that compares to what the next few months have in store. Today marks the beginning of Charlie’s biggest adventures to date. He will cross continents, travel into the wilderness, journey across the sea. He will venture farther than most have ever dreamed, and you will get to join him. Welcome to Charlie and the Adventure.

~Southern Fried Scientist