Day 5: Storm with no rain

We’d all been staring at the weather forecast in disbelief for the last couple of days. We had plenty of warning it was coming, but even in the midst of a storm, I don’t believe it’s happening. Why? Because it’s sunny out. However, there are gale force winds outside causing 12-14 foot swells and rocking the boat every which way.

The book stash above the mess area emptied itself onto the seats this morning and someone’s soda made a spectacular arc as it launched itself from the table to the floor. Most of the science crew is in bed staving off the barfies, but periodically gets up to check and see if it’s over yet. Captain Dale suggested I put a towel under the outer portion of my mattress to tilt me toward the wall while sleeping so I didn’t feel like I was going to fly out of bed.

Yet, there’s something about the lack of rain and angry-looking skies that makes me feel like a wimp staying in bed and reading all day. Like it’s not a real storm. But either way, the science for the day is postponed until better weather comes along, as nothing can go over the side of the boat today for sake of safety of the equipment and the crew.

Of interesting note, too, is last night as the storm was first kicking up, the phytoplankton that we’ve been monitoring the whole time took a dive of about 30 meters down. Brian seemed surprised and we’re not sure if they stayed at that depth or returned to that normal location as the storm got worse. Maybe they sensed something in the air or water and dove for protection from the choppy surface?

~Bluegrass Blue Crab