Diving the deepest hydrothermal vent field in the world – experience it live!

The Okeanos Explorer is diving on the Cayman Rise – the location of the deepest known hydrothermal vent field, and they are broadcasting the ROV feed live, right now. You can be experiencing this:

One of the deepest hydrothermal vents ever seen.

…right now.

Go here: http://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/okeanos/media/exstream/exstream.html


  1. Patric Douglas · August 5, 2011

    cool, my inner geek is very happy right now…nice way to come home, thanks guys!

  2. Sarah · August 6, 2011

    Thank you for advertising this. I’m watching now and it’s amazing!

  3. RIchard Hendricks · September 1, 2011

    Some of us space geeks used our picture stitching skills on the raw video from the TV from a similar dive. Here’s our thread



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