Finding Melville’s Whale: Chapter 20 – All Astir

Chapter 20 of Herman Melville’s classic – Moby Dick. Read along with us and discuss this chapter or the book as a whole in the comments. Visit this page for the complete collection to date: Finding Melville’s Whale.

All Astir

The day after the prophet’s pronouncement
the Pequod’s crew were made to load their chests
and be ready at any time to sail.

A three year cruise demands three year’s ration.
The Pequod was stocked with all the supplies
essential to a whaling crew’s comfort

and spares of all gear, save captain and crew.
Bildad’s sister, kindly Aunt Charity
took care to stock the ship with niceties.

Yet still, no sign of the ghostly Ahab,
a captain whose presence is faith alone.
Queequeg and Ishmael would sail the next morn.