Hurricane Irma, the Manatee Sheriff, climate change, and more! Monday Morning Salvage: September 11, 2017

Fog Horn (A Call to Action)

Flotsam (what we’re obsessed with right now)

Jetsam (what we’re enjoying from around the web)

NOAA Photo Library

An artist’s rendering of a deep-sea vehicle designed by Dutch company IHC to harvest polymetallic nodules from the seabed.Royal IHC

Left: A 1774 nautical chart. Right: Google Earth imagery overlaid on a habitat map. (Loren McClenachan)

Police continue to ask Oregonians to not ruin the state’s most beautiful places by lighting bottle rockets and flares in the woods like a bunch of assholes.


Lagan (what we’re reading from the peer-reviewed literature)

Shipping News (academic and ocean policy wonkery)

Driftwood (what we’re reading on dead trees)

Derelicts (favorites from the deep archive)

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