Monday Morning Blogaerobics – Aquatic Owls and Cephaloid Overlords

Southern Fried happenings from the weekend of April 24, 2010.

On Friday, a Great Horned Owl was driven into the water by a flock of gulls at the Duke Marine Lab. I posted a few picture of it on my twitter feedThe Owl and The Owl Rescuer.

XKCD rocked the marine science world with this cartoon.

More from twitter, in a discussion of the four biggest transitions in evolution, I posted this comment:

@drisis rewind the tape and mollusks could have easily replaced vertebrates, but not without the diversity that sex gives us

To which @archymk responded with:

@SFriedScientist @drisis I present, The Super Mollusk!! Look on him (or her, I can’t tell) and tremble in awe!!

Super Mollusk courtesy of Archy Blog

Super Mollusk courtesy of the Archy Blog

For anyone wondering about the Tree Crab reference in that discussion, answers can be found here.

And since we always need more science, here’s some old-school MC Hawking:

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~Southern Fried Scientist