No Fin gear- a fashionable way to help sharks!

If you’re like me, you’ve always secretly wanted a cutting board that voices your support for shark conservation. Sadly, that goal has always been just out of reach…until now! Gear from the No Fin section of the Southern Fried Store allows you to show your support for shark conservation in a variety of awesome and stylish ways. From t-shirts to water bottles and tote bags to coozies, the Sharks Matter logo is available on all kinds of good stuff. Best of all, you know that your purchase is making a difference- $3 from every No Fin product sold will go to a shark conservation charity! As hard as I tried, I couldn’t pick my favorite shark conservation charity, so I’ll be rotating between WildAid, Oceana, the Shark Research Institute, and the Save Our Seas Foundation. All donations will be in the name of “The readers of Southern Fried Science”.

The Sharks Matter logo was designed by our very own Andrew Thaler, the Southern Fried Scientist.

Happy shopping! Thanks for everything you do to help save the sharks!