Southern Fried Science sells out

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Yup, the rumors are true, Southern Fried Science has sold out. Sold out in a Big Way. We’re abandoning our values and beliefs to become shills for the novelty t-shirt industry.

But seriously, it costs about $150 a year to produce Southern Fried Science, which is not a trivial amount for graduate students. And while we’ll keep Southern Fried Science alive no matter what, it would be nice to recoup some of our hosting fees. So we opened a store. If you’re a Southern Fried Science fan, or maybe just like our style, go check out our SFS T-Shirts, aluminum (no plastics for us) water bottles, coffee mugs (yes we do have global draining mugs), or some other assorted gear.

We also have a special section that Dave will talk about for No Fin – Sharks Matter gear if a no shark finning cutting board is more your style.

With the exception of the No Fin – Sharks Matter section, proceeds go first to covering our host fees, then are paid out evenly to each Fry-entist. If we could pay off the website and get a beer each, I would call that a huge win. So go check out our store and get yourself some Southern Fried Swag.

~Southern Fried Scientist

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  1. chanel · May 19, 2010

    I think this is great! Way to go guys!

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