Overfishing Rap Battle – Dead and Gone

So I’m sitting in my office revising a manuscript when Dr. Bik over at Deep Sea News dropped some serious overfishing beats on me. In case you thought there was only one overfishing themed rap parody video out there, we’ve got some news for you:


Warning: video contains some graphic footage of sea turtle and shark finning.


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  1. Patricia Frank · November 14, 2011


    You know me as an environmental activist and editor of the community web zine Vibrant Village and our coverage of the molten sulfur facility at the Port of Morehead City (we were opposed to it). If it’s appropriate here, I wanted to let you know that my new futuristic utopian novel, Falling Through Time, is now published as an Amazon Kindle e-book. Falling Through Time takes place in the year 2084 after a population die-off, but the message is upbeat for we’ve finally learned to steward our resources and live gently on our home planet. The first five chapters are online on Amazon’s bookstore and can be accessed for free. I hope you’ll check it out.

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