Quick Tips for Graduate Student Life – Eat Good Food

Over the last few years, I’ve written several posts on surviving graduate school, including dealing with expectations, managing your finances, coping with failure, and some more general advice. During that process, I’ve also come up with some small, helpful tips that just don’t fit into a broader theme. It seems a shame to let those tips disappear, so, for the next week I’ll be posting Andrew’s Quick Tips for Surviving Graduate School

Tip #5: Eat good food

Don’t eat like a rabbit*. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the midst of grad school can be extremely challenging for some people. Your schedule is often unpredictable. Your income is limited. You might have a university dining hall that just seems so convenient. You may think that you simply don’t have the time to prepare a decent meal. It seems so easy to grab a quick burger from the fast food joint down the street, grab a cheesy burrito to go from the dining hall, or pop a frozen pizza into the oven.

If you only make one “quality of life” commitment while you’re in graduate school, commit to eating decent, healthy meals. There’s practically nothing else you can do that will impact your health and well-being more than ensuring you maintain a proper, well-balanced diet. Scicurious has helpfully compiled a host of recipes for her long-running feature “Grad Student Eating in Style!

*Rabbits are coprophages. They literally eat crap.