Science to action: A scientist’s guide to influencing decision making

This week at the International Marine Conservation Congress, a great resource was introduced.  Science to Action, an affiliate of Conservation International, released a dual volume called “A scientist’s guide to influencing decision making /a decision maker’s guide to using science”.

“Scientists have knowledge, but typically limited authority to change behavior [and] decision-makers have power, but may lack in-depth knowledge of particular problems”, the guidebook aims to  link these two groups together to create the conditions that allow informed decisions to drive positive change, or science-to-action” 

The guidebook focuses on a few cases studies in developing tropical nations, but many of the lessons are broadly applicable.

My obnoxious conference-swag-sniping behavior paid off here, because I was the first conference participant to grab one of these guides. I can attest that it’s a great reference.

It can be viewed online here.