#SciFund Ocean Update

In case you were worried that in the wake of David’s quest for a blogging scholarship has distracted us from other philanthropic adventures, fear not, #SciFund is alive and well (and halfway done). For those just tuning in #SciFund is a month-and-a-half long initiative to raise funds for a variety of scientific research projects. Project leaders post a project description and an appeal for funds, and members of the public are invited to make small donations to projects that they deem worthy. Donations come with rewards such as access to project logs, images from fieldwork, your name in the acknowledgements of publications, among other possibilities. Many of these projects are marine or conservation themed. Over the last week, we highlighted seven of our favorite projects. Please take a look at these projects and, should you so desire, send some financial support their way.

First, the good news: Turtles in the Deep is fully funded! Congratulations to Lindsey Peavey. We at Southern Fried Science can’t wait to see where your research takes you.

Doctor Zen and the Amazon Crayfish, Hey! Did you miss that fish?, and Behold, the Power of Seagrass! have reached (or are very close) to the 50% mark, so they’re well on their way to reaching their funding goals by the end of #SciFund.

But Saving Hawaii’s Coral Reefs, Tracking the Migration of the Atlantic Puffin, and Culture of Climate Change in French Polynesia are well below their goals and need your help. Head over to those three project sites take a look around, and consider making a contribution to any of these extremely worthwhile projects. Remember, it’s not a donation, it’s an investment in science!