Sea Shepherd currently winning eBay “My Nonprofit” contest

eBay has been running a contest called “My Nonprofit” for the last month. The three non-profit charities with the most votes will receive $15,000; $10,000; and $5,000 from eBay. Finalists include worthy charities such as the American Red Cross, Race for the Cure, and Doctors Without Borders. As of right now, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is winning. Yikes.

Please go to the contest website and vote…for someone other than Sea Shepherd. The contest closes on July 4th.



  1. josh · July 2, 2010

    What? Yikes? They are winning because they save animals lives you dip. Without whales another part of the eco system will break down then another and then humans will die off. Dip shits like you do not understand any of this. Canada kills 200,000 seals a year just for profits, they are in danger of going extinct. Sea Shepherd goes there every year to try and save them. Thousands of sharks are killed every year they are in danger of becoming extinct. they are many more animals they save as well. Not for them they get no profit Paul Watson lives in a hut on Indian owned property all there money goes to saving animals lives taht dont need to be killed.

  2. Bob O'H · July 3, 2010

    Shit. H$U$ second too.

    I don’t know about the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, so should we all vote for the ASPCA?

    • WhySharksMatter · July 3, 2010

      Children of Fallen Soldiers is legit

    • Southern Fried Scientist · July 3, 2010

      $15,000 buys a lot of malaria pills and MMR vaccines for Doctors without Borders. Even if everything else were equal, the bang for buck pretty much mandates Doctors without Borders should get the money.

  3. josh · July 3, 2010

    SSCS dont care if other people dont like there tactics, there tactics work, they actually save animals, groups like greenpeace dont do shit to save sea life. All they do is protest, protest means to get what your protesting out there. Its out there and they dont understand that no0w they have to act. Sea Shepherd Saved 527 whales lives last season, and they only killed 506 costing them about 120million in profits. This 15k will go to SSCS for there new mission to go save sea life in the Gulf Coast. Unlike BP and the goverment who are just burning the animals alive they will be saving the animals lives.

    • Southern Fried Scientist · July 3, 2010

      The data indicate that their tactics, in fact, do not work.

      And Sea Shepherd is not in the Gulf. The STRP is though, and they’ve got actual results, actual victories. Why aren’t you supporting the STRP instead?

    • Southern Fried Scientist · July 3, 2010

      The funny thing about Greenpeace is that they were instrumental in getting the original moratorium on whaling passed. So, they have, in absolute numbers, save magnitudes more whales than SSCS. Sea Shepherd was too busy getting chased out of Norway to do anything lasting.

    • josh · September 4, 2010

      Actually Captain watson was a founder, and helped push the movement. And actually no greenpeace along with two other animal orgaizations tried to pass a law to allow whaling, which would result in not just japan and norway from killing but would lead to many other nations whaling and would result in a mass extinction of whales. Greenpeace wastes peoples money when it goes to whaling, they overturn almost all of the 10 grand inflatables when they go to the whale sanctuary, wasted money completely. SSCS is the only organization enforcing the laws. the most GP kept the japanese running is 14 hours, the most SSCS has kept them running is 48 days.

    • Southern Fried Scientist · September 4, 2010

      Paul Watson was not a founder of Greenpeace, though he was an early influential member:

      Everything else you said is dead wrong, too. Stop reading the SSCS propaganda pieces and do your own research.

  4. josh · July 3, 2010

    I just read that whole article all of that is BS one of the things i read was that they gave up their seal campaign. They had to, the Canadian goverment forced them to not do it anymore and since it is in canadian waters they could fire upon SSCS. They had gone there several years getting attacked by sealers, so they did not give up they were forced to stop.

    • Southern Fried Scientist · July 3, 2010

      So they quit? That’s the resolve of the direct action group? The government says “Hey, you get out of our water” and they just quit?

  5. Sam · July 4, 2010

    FBI definition of terrorism:
    (Second paragraph)

    Paul Watson’s declared intent to do “something” to coerce a government group in furtherance of a political objective:
    (Third-to-last paragraph)

    We all know the actions Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson have taken to do “something,” but in this case I’ll limit it to ramming Japanese whaling ships and attempting to use a propeller fouler on Japanese whaling ships, because these are two of the most heavily-documented activities aside from the butyric acid-throwing. We can all agree that these are pretty forceful and violent, but just for kicks, let’s see what maritime law is on these activities.

    Maritime law on collisions:

    Huh. Looks like there are a ton of international laws all about not hitting other boats. I guess that would make it unlawful, then, too. I’m sure there’s a law somewhere about disabling another ship, but I’m not up to finding it at the moment.

    But, uh, looks like, according to the FBI, SSCS is a terrorist organization.

    • WhySharksMatter · July 4, 2010

      I can’t speak for Andrew, but personally, I have intentionally avoided the use of the word “terrorism” to describe Sea Shepherd’s actions.

      The primary reason for this is that there is no one accepted definition of terrorism. The FBI has one, interpol has another, the U.S. State Department has another, etc. The definitions vary to a surprising degree.

      Sea Shepherd’s actions qualify as terrorism under some interpretations of some definitions of terrorism, but not under others.

      The FBI must disagree with your interpretation because they haven’t opened any terrorism investigation into Sea Shepherd (and they have more anti-terrorism resources than ever).

      Besides, whether or not they are technically terrorists is irrelevant to the discussions we’ve been having. They are violent, ineffective, and unworthy of the support of serious conservationists.

    • Sam · July 4, 2010

      I know. I was just trying to illustrate the point that they’re on really questionable ground and the undying devotion to Paul Watson’s operation is kind of foolish, but didn’t do it so well. That and I don’t think there are any other organizations on the list that anyone can even insinuate are terrorists like I can about SSCS.

  6. Southern Fried Scientist · July 15, 2010

    FYI – they won.

  7. Don · July 28, 2010

    I find utterly remarkable and humorous the stupidity of the Sea Shepherd melodrama.

    Funded through a gullible Public and the donations of grieving widows (Terri Irwin) and senile vanity ridden old men (Bob Barker) this exercise in stupidity has now dabbled in murder….and it is murder, pure and simple.

    Paul Watson is a media attention whore with, no pun intended, one goal in life; to satisfy his whale sized ego. This piece of human garbage cares nothing about whales nor any other form of wildlife but rather ensuring his cons net him enough cash to attend a few more photo-ops and meetings where he can squeeze out a few salty ones in order to impress the naive and utterly stupid doe-eyed eco groupies. Evidence of his lack of concern for those untrained and uninformed who play pathetic rodents to his tired Pied Piper routine can be found in the numerous high seas debacles during which lives come within a hairs breadth of being snuffed out. From almost killing crew in the capsizing of the small boat to the unquantifiable number of dangerous and life threatening screw ups that the trained eye catches but that go unnoticed by the average turnip glued to his or her set in some sewer metropolis.

    (On a personal note I was laughing so hard I almost lost control of my plumbing when I watched the Keystone Kops style response of the crew on the Bob Barker in dealing with the Ady Gil emergency, albeit an emergency created by Bethune, but an emergency none the less)

    Paul Watson has being playing this game with startling incompetence since the early 70’s. A perfect example can be found in the late 70’s in northern British Columbia, Paul Watson running down a frozen road wearing snowshoes to save wolves…all with TV cameras in tow. Or his sea quest with photo-op after fund raising seeing him leave Vancouver BC in a kayak….after the media went away he quietly pulled into Seattle..a little short of his “Mexico or Die!!!!”

    But look closer at the Sea Shepherd Society and you find a grifters paradise…abandoned Sea Shepherd Society ships rotting and leeching toxic waste into harbors, the manipulation of reality and the ignorance of “counter productive and inconvenient fact’, a refusal to provide detailed accounting of funds donated and the list goes on.

    Pete Bethune is just a variation on the same theme. No better than some loud mouthed punk harassing shoppers outside a convenience store he has killed innocent fisherman and risked the life of his crew (a band of idiots in their own right) to meet his own ends and satisfy his ego. Just look at the video shot by the Japanese just before the collision with the Shonan Maru II. You can plainly see the engines accelerate and the trailing froth jump up indicating he or someone else deliberately accelerated to collide. Strange also the fact that the entire crew was clad in survival suits just before the collision.

    Then they abandoned the Ady Gil which poses a significant threat to maritime traffic of all types which is also a threat to life but obviously no concern to Pete Bethune or Sea Shepherd…..the list goes on. From leaving prop fouling ropes drifting on the high seas, a significant threat to maritime traffic including small fishing and sailing vessels, to extremely aggressive and provocative confrontations with the Japanese. Once the tables are turned and they get a little taste of their own medicine they whimper and whine and with shrieks and shrill voices claiming Japanese harassment, intimidation and brutality. Of note is Pete Bethune’s sneering indictment of the Japanese judicial system (once he is safely back on New Zealand soil, notice his tail between his legs when he was in the clutches of those he had taunted and provoked) when it was he that decided to provoke matters by boarding a Japanese ship.

    Now these arrogant, murderous, negligent drama queens have their very own TV show. This, in their eyes, somehow legitimizes the life threatening stupidity and criminality that has become so commonplace on the show Whale wars. What a farce…placing the welfare and safety of the gullible and dangerously uninformed in jeopardy to boost ratings and sell more soda pop and potato chips.

    This is behavior that needs to be rewarded with a long period of time in prison. This is behavior that sets the legitimate pursuits of decent organizations like Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund light years behind in affecting decent and meaningful progress. No wonder Paul Watson and Pete Bethune have been shunned and pushed to the margins by not only effective and well managed environmental organizations but by the world as well.

    Just a thought…..

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