Send us your marine themed Halloween costumes and help some students!

There’s apparently some sort of holiday this weekend in which people are going to dress up in some sort of costume. Undoubtedly many of you will be embracing your inner ocean dork and dressing as something marine sciencey. So here’s your chance to show off you style and help out some students at the same time. Send us pictures of you in your marine science themed Halloween costume. The person (or persons) with the best costume, as judged by your three favorite bloggers, will get some SFS swag and $50 donated to the Gam Classroom Initiative project of their choice! So here’s your chance to help some students out and gain internet notoriety. Post your pictures in the comments or e-mail them to me at southernfriedscientist at gmail dot com.

Can’t think of a good marine science costume? Waiting for the last minute for inspiration? Here’s some ideas:

  • Trophic Cascade
  • Shrimp Net
  • Bycatch
  • Red Tide
  • The Gulf of Mexico
  • Plankton
  • ROV
  • Shark Week
  • Tube Worm
  • Coral Reef
  • Dr. Craig McClain

All submissions must be in by November 2nd. If a group costume wins, each person will get some swag, but only one $50 dollar donation will be made. Please keep your submissions appropriate. We reserve the right to exclude submissions at our discretion.

~Southern Fried Scientist


  1. WhySharksMatter · October 31, 2010

    If someone dresses as Dr. M, in addition to the prizes Andrew listed above, I will give that person “mad props”.

  2. Thanks for sharing..!!
    I was unaware of last date of submission.Now I would regular visit here so that I could know in advance when this contest would be held again.

    Thank you.

  3. Peter A. Mello · November 2, 2010

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