Shark Science Monday: Jen Caselle discusses the recovery of shark populations in California

In this week’s edition of Shark Science Monday, Jen Caselle of UC Santa Barbara discusses how the banning of gill nets in Southern California led to population recoveries of several species of sharks.

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  1. Michael Bear · September 12, 2011

    Interesting piece!

    The re-appearance of the Giant Sea Bass in the La Jolla area has been pretty noticeable to local divers over the past few years and there is anecdotal evidence that the Broadnose Sevengill shark (Notorynchus cepedianus) *may* be making a comeback in that area as well, based on the increased number of sightings and documented and videoed encounters with local divers over the past two years. The elimination of gillnets may have indeed been a factor in both.

    Michael Bear
    AAUS Science Diver

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