So you want to comment on this blog?

Comments, we love them. With very few exceptions, we appreciate every single comment we receive on this blog. While the vast majority of our comments are some combination of thoughtful, insightful, clever, clear, and comprehensible, some are, well, not. So here, for your enjoyment and personal growth, are ten things you can do to write a better comment.

  1. Don’t start with “I think…” or “In my opinion…” You’re writing it. We know it’s you opinion.
  2. Ellipses (three periods in a row) are not the same as full stops (one period). Don’t use them… Two periods in a row is just completely wrong..
  3. Spaces come after commas and periods.I really don’t understand why people,who write otherwise great comments,do this.
  4. Y R U riting liek UR snding a TXT? Don’t do that.
  5. Please use spell check. Every “how to write” post on the internet says use spell check. Most browsers now underline misspeled words. Check your spelling before you post.
  6. Don’t apologize for being foreign. Most native English speakers can tell the difference between a writer for whom English is not their first language and one who is just a bad writer. You shouldn’t have to apologize for being able to write better in your second, third, or Xth language than many native speakers. And just because we write in English doesn’t mean you have to comment in English.
  7. Read the previous comments before posting your own. Constant repetition of the same point is boring. If you feel like you have something to say, but someone has already said something similar, consider writing a specific reply to a single comment, instead of a general reply to the post.
  8. Don’t write like spam. Yes, we have actually caught real comments in the spam filter because they read exactly like spam comments.
  9. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t post it again 10 more times. Odds are you’re in the spam filter because of point 8 or you included 3 or more links (which automatically get held for moderation). We’ll find it. If your comment doesn’t show up in 24 hours, send one of us an e-mail. Ok, so this one won’t make you a better writer, but it will make me a less annoyed moderator.
  10. Please read the comment policy before you post your first comment.

Thank you. Happy commenting.

~Southern Fried Scientist


  1. Bob O'H · April 30, 2010

    What about four periods…..?

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