Southern Fried Server Error: Please Stand By

Something strange is happening at Southern Fried Science.

Over the weekend, the Southern Fried Servers experienced a bizarre and unaccountable server error. Our regularly scheduled content was apparently and inexplicably replaced by what appears to be authentic articles from Southern Fried Science, circa 2041. While it warms my heart to know that our little blog will endure through the next quarter century, I recognize that Field Notes from the Future may be disconcerting and disturbing to some readers.

I am working diligently with our webhost to correct this problem. Unfortunately, the glitch also overwrote my admin account, so while I can push an update from 2016 onto the frontpage, I can’t delete the errant posts. I have managed to sneak some code into the current anomalies to help temper potential confusion, but it seems as though large chunks of HTML5 are not future proof, leaving us with few options for editorial control.

Until then, we’ll just have to trust that the Southern Fried Science authors of 2041 are as committed to an honest, open, and critical assessment of marine science and conservation as their contemporaries.

Paradoxes notwithstanding, I, for one, am excited to see what Team Ocean accomplished in the next 25 years.