Support science in the classroom: expose students to sharks!

We are now a little more than a week into the Donors Choose science blogger challenge. Ocean and geology bloggers have united to raise money for worthy science-related projects in public schools throughout the country.

Every few days, we’ll be highlighting a specific project from The Gam Classroom Initiative, though you can donate to any of our favorites from our Donors Choose Page.

Today, I’ll be highlighting one from Fouke, Arkansas called “Our Shark Tale“. Mrs. S wants to teach her middle school students about anatomy, physiology, and taxonomy through a shark dissection activity.

Mrs. S has the following to say about this project:

“What is more intriguing than a shark? Sharks have captured our attention for ages, and that’s just what I hope to do with my students. I want the experience of dissecting sharks to help them to learn and remember the characteristics of organ systems and how species are classified.

Students will see first hand the anatomy of the shark. They will be able to look at the different organs within the shark and compare them to our own organ systems. They will also be able to learn some of the sharks unique traits. This lab will also allow us to discover the various ways to classify species and how sharks fit into the classification system.

Research shows that hands-on and inquiry based activities make a huge impact on students learning and retention of material. As a classroom teacher I know this to be true. Students are much more likely to recall information where they were engaged, involved, and took part in the learning of information than trying to remember information that was relayed or showed to them.”

As of this writing, Mrs. S still needs $265 for dissecting kits and related educational materials.  Please help support this worthy project! Donate to “Our Shark Tale” by clicking here.