From Ocean to Ocean: The Great Southern Fried Migration

The time has finally come. After 11 years in North Carolina, I have finally succumbed to the insatiable human desire to venture beyond the horizon. Tomorrow morning, Amy and I will hitch our worldly possessions to my tough old truck and drive west until we reach the Pacific Ocean. And, because we’re 1/4 of Southern Fried Science, we’ll live blog the entire journey. A few FAQ’s before we go: What are you doing in California? Amy has a post-doctoral fellowship at the California Ocean Science Trust, where she’ll be developing a new citizen science initiative. I will be searching for work once I get there. So, if you’re an employer Oakland or the San Francisco Bay area, and need a crack deep sea ecologist, conservation geneticist, or science communicator, please take a look at my Curriculum Vitae. What will happen to your chickens? The chickens have been adopted by a family who will love them and their eggs for years to come. I’ve said my goodbyes to Poly, Tikka, Olga, and Masala. What will happen to your goats? Luna and Hermione are coming with us. What? Read More