#Ocean2Ocean: North Carolina in the rearview

After 7 hours of driving (North Carolina is a long state), we have crossed the Virginia border. Our departure from coastal NC was marked, inexplicably, by a flock of wild turkeys on the side of 70. Inconveniently, it also happens to be move in week for several Carolina universities; it was slow going through the Triangle.

The goats are calm, but confused.

Plus, we’re hilarious at rest stops.

Occasional pictures have been going up on Facebook, rather than twitter. You can follow my profile (but don’t bother friending me unless we’ve already shaken hands).

A few more questions answered:

How are you still on the internet?

We have a wireless hotspot, that usually only comes out during hurricane season. It’s proven very reliable in some of the worst weather situations.

What route are you taking?

We’re taking the northern route — 40 out of Carolina, North on 77, 70 through Kentucky, then west along 80 until we reach the coast. It;s a touch longer than taking 40 straight across, but it’s cooler, which is good for the goats (and my truck). Also, large portions of 40 are currently on fire, so there’s that.

Aren’t you sad to be leaving NC?

Yes and no. North Carolina has been my home for more than a decade. When I moved here, it was beacon of progress in the south. I was incredibly proud of my fellow citizens when the state went democratic in the 2008 election. But, as many of you know, in the last few years, we seem to be sliding backwards, with bizarre laws attempting to outlaw sea level rise, deep cuts to the education budget, regressive anti-choice laws, illegal pro-fracking votes, massive voter repression, and a deeply anti-science legislature. I’d love to return home one day, but before then, North Carolina needs to sort itself out.

Ah ha! I knew you were a Democrat!

That’s not a question

Are you a Democrat?

I don’t actually talk much about my personal politics on this blog, but it would not be entirely inaccurate to describe my leaving NC as “going Galt*”.

I live near your planned route! Do you want to meet up?

Sure, if the timing works out. Send me a tweet or leave a comment.

What’s the weirdest thing you packed?

You mean other than the goats?


My collection of carnivorous plants is pretty unusual. Hopefully my massive pitcher plant survives the journey.

*it would, however, be objectively inaccurate. Also, Atlas Shrugged is super boring.