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Spam. Those horrific comments that try to sell you everything from free drugs to naked celebrity pictures (actually that’s pretty much all they try to sell). Almost all our spam gets caught by the filters, so our readers don’t have to suffer through them, but we do. Over the last several years, spam has been evolving, nearly to the point of poetry. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of the very best spam from the last week (stripped of links, of course).

Perhaps an indicator of the blogosphere in general, some spammers have taken to leaving comment about how bad the comment are:

facebook poker news writes:

lol a couple of of the feedback many people write are such stoner remarks, every now and then i wonder if they truly read the content pieces and content before posting or whether or not they barely read over the subject of the post and jot down the first idea that drifts into their minds. nonetheless, it is actually relaxing to read keen commentary every now and then instead of the identical, outdated oppinion vomit that i generally , discover on the net

To which facebook poker chips adds:

jeez most of the commentary people enter are a little out there, there are times i ask myself whether they actually read the writing and content before placing a comment or whether or not they only just look at the post title and type the first thing that pops into their brain. nevertheless, it is actually relaxing to browse through smart commentary every now and then compared to the same exact, old blog vomit that i continually see on the internet

Unfortunately neither of them were commenting on a post that had any comments, so the vomit seems to be just their own.

watch alice in wonderland online would like to point out that you won:

Great read, well-written. The problem I think is that when visitors hover their mouse into your name and see that url directing to a blogger profile intheir status bar, its more likely that they won

Remember kids, winning is seeing a blogger profile in your status bar.

But the best spam this week comes from mortgage, who I guess is try to sell you mortgage and debt consolidation:

Why aren’t there bullet-proof pants?

Why aren’t there, indeed.

~Southern Fried Scientist

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  1. WhySharksMatter · February 28, 2010

    “Why aren’t there bullet-proof pants?”


    “Because most people don’t shoot each other in the leg”

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