Welcome to a shiny new Southern Fried Science

For almost all of our five year run, Southern Fried Science has had the same three column, blue-background scheme. It’s finally time for the old blog to get a new coat of paint. Welcome to the new, improved Southern Fried Science!

We’ve stripped away the bells and whistles that began multiplying on the sidebars in favor of a reader-centric design. We want you to focus on what’s important, the writing, not be distracted by stacks of menus, widgets, and plugins. We also want you to be able to find and follow your favorite authors, through new, improved, author pages. The rotating banner has been replaced with a static image, but fear not! From here on out, we will be soliciting photographs that capture the spirit of Southern Fried Science from our readers, a new one will be featured on the left sidebar each month. The “slanted gam” logo in the upper left hand corner is a stand-in, as we continue to solicit designs for a permanent logo.

With this new design, it should be even easier for you to access the content you love from Southern Fried Science. Take a look around! We will continue to make adjustments as feedback warrants, so feel free to share you critiques on the new layout.


  1. Drew Scerbo · October 28, 2013

    Very nice! Your efforts are much appreciated!

  2. Jonathan Gonzalez · October 28, 2013

    Congrats on the revamp! I’d be more than happy to volunteer a try at a logo for you. Just let me know of any specific direction you want or if it’s wide open. David knows my email.

  3. Lalsox · October 28, 2013

    I like the redesign a lot! So used to having so much going in in the periphery (on most sites, not just yours) that it really gives the eye a chance to rest. Nice.

  4. Richard Hendricks · October 28, 2013

    Me likes!

  5. Andrew David Thaler · October 28, 2013

    Thanks everyone!

  6. Claudette Dorsey · October 28, 2013

    Well done! Thank you. The better we all get at tapping into many resources the more I appreciate economy of precise images on the landing page. This looks good and works!

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