Fish feel pain, mining feels the pressure, sea lions feel excluded, and science publishing feels like an old boys club. It’s the Monday Morning Salvage: January 8, 2018!

Fog Horn (A Call to Action)

  • Abstract submission open for the 2018 International Marine Conservation Congress in Kuching, Sarawak this summer! Get your abstracts in early!

Flotsam (what we’re obsessed with right now)

Jetsam (what we’re enjoying from around the web)


Lagan (what we’re reading from the peer-reviewed literature)

Kudos to Southern Fried Science senior correspondent Dr. Amy Freitag, who published a great new paper last week!

If you read only one recommended paper today, make it this one:

Shipping News (academic and ocean policy wonkery)

  • This is kind of a big deal (see the paper in lagan, above):

Driftwood (what we’re reading on dead trees)

  • Drug Pirates, Submariners, Robots, oh my! Autonomous: A Novel by Annalee Newitz is a fantastic piece of anarcho-corporate science fiction.

Derelicts (favorites from the deep archive)

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