A huge thank you to all who helped make “Buy David Shiffman less ugly sunglasses” a success

Last month we crowdfunded an initiative to buy everyone’s favorite shark conservation superstar a new, less ugly pair of sunglasses. We blew our initial goal out of the water, raising nearly $2500 from almost 100 people. Amazing! Rewards are going out over the next few weeks (I’m mailing all the big teeth today. The smaller teeth are still need to be printed).

Without further ado, thank you to everyone who contributed: Michael Rollins, Haxley J Gomez Vigil, Samuel Sturdivant, Mario Rups, Donald J Orth, Patrick M Goff, Janet D Stemwedel, Thomas L Clancy III, John D Holden, Cara Mollenkopf, Laura A Troutman, Marie Schambeck, Katherine Nieman, Matthew Masterson, Erin B Schuster, Renellys C Perez, Sandra Prow, Allison Coffin, Karyn Traphagen, Debra Flaherty, Diane Wyse, Ruth-Decker Chaney, Julie Weber-Roark, Alex Maki-Jokela, Eric T Edgeworth, Steve Swensen, S J Smedbol, Bethann Mclaughlin, Colin Schultz, Andrea Hamilton, Robin Marwick, Brianne Miller, Rachel Dearborn, Evan Donahue, Nicholas W Kantola, Brittany Finucci, Robert S Heittman, Sarah D Keartes, Alison Hansen, Cara Mollenkopf, Ian Ramjohn, Patricia E Kight, Dawn Williams, Sandra P Wooten, Dr R L Jefferson, Kimberly A Ventre, Osama Tariq Siddiqui, David Lang, Derek K Burnett, Rachel Holland, Joshua N Silberg, Prosanta Chakrabarty, Mary Frances Starr, Renellys C Perez, Anthony Davidson, Bethany Dixon, and Gabrielle Zuckerman.

Thank you to all (including those who didn’t wish their names to be listed)! You’re contribution has made the world of shark conservation outreach one with slightly fewer ugly, ugly, just horrible, sunglasses.

David will update us on his new ocular acquisition as is happens.