Bad Gas: a step-by-step guide to experimenting with Ocean Acidification in your kitchen

After over a month of planning, it’s finally time to unveil my new ocean acidification project: Bad Gas! Watch this video to learn how to turn a Soda Stream into a miniature ocean and explore the impact of ocean acidification.


As this experiment continues, it will develop into a series of lesson plans for science teachers to use in the classroom. If you’re following along or joining in with your own tiny ocean, leave a comment below and keep us updated on your progress.

Here’s a complete bill of materials* to get you started.

  1. SodaStream: SodaStream Home Soda Maker
  2. 500 mL SodaStream bottles: SodaStream 1/2-Liter Bottle
  3. Instant Ocean: Instant Ocean Sea Salt
  4. Hand Refractometer: Salinity Refractometer
  5. Jewelers scale: Jeweler’s Scale
  6. 3D printed stand: Github, Thingiverse

You’ll have to source your own shellfish.

*In the interest of full disclosure these are Amazon affiliate link. I get a small percentage from sales that result from those links. If you want to set up your own ocean acidification simulator, buying equipment through those links will help me cover my costs for producing these videos and developing subsequent lesson plans for educators.