David Shiffman’s Greatest Hits

If you’re coming over from CollegeScholarships.org to check out some of David Shiffman’s work before voting for the 2011 Blogging Scholarship, welcome! Here are a selection of some of David’s influential, informative, and award-winning posts.

If you’ve never been to Southern Fried Science before and want to get an idea of who this Shiffman bloke is and what he’s about (hint: it has something to do with sharks), check out his two bench-mark posts:

If you’re looking for controversy and a critical approach to the practice of field work, check out this great white ruckus:


  1. Tim Neary · November 16, 2011

    Hi, We would like to chat to David Shiffman on a conservation radio show in South Africa on his love for and call for shark conservation

    • WhySharksMatter · November 16, 2011

      Hi, Tim! I’m happy to help. Shoot me an e-mail at WhySharksMatter AT Gmail DOT com.

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