How to pitch an Ocean Kickstarter for us to review

I put this up as a closer on our last Ocean Kickstarter selection, and am posting here as a standalone for anyone who may have missed it.

Email me at with the subject heading: Ocean Kickstarter: Your Project. This isn’t limited to Kickstarter, projects on IndieGoGo, RocketHub, GoFundMe, or any other site are eligible for an Ocean Kickstarter of the month. We will review based on three criteria:

1. Is it sound, reasonable, and informed by science?

2. Is there a clear goal, timeline, and budget; and are they partnering with the people who have experience hitting those marks?

3. Do some of the parties involved have a successful record with other crowdfunding projects and experience delivering on rewards.

As well as the less well-defined Sea-Factor. Feel free to send preview links for projects that haven’t launched yet. I will respect the privacy of those links and not share until the project launches (however, I may pass those links along to specific experts if the subject of the project falls outside my scientific expertise).  Finally, though I will personally read all e-mails in a timely manner and thoughtfully consider each project, I will not respond directly to any project creator. Do not expect a response and please do not send multiple follow-ups. I can only pick one project per month.