Invasion of the Mantas?

In addition to being a scientist, blogger, and a good friend of mine, Daniel Brown of BioChemicalSoul is also a very talented artist. His latest series is called “Ocean Invasions“, and they show marine animals entering the terrestrial world. One of the most recent pieces deals with my favorite subclass- Elasmobranchs! “The Great Migration” shows a group of manta rays flying over a forest. You can see the original here.

The Great Migration by Daniel Brown of Laughing Mantis studios

Daniel reads this blog and would love to know what you think of his work!



  1. Daniel Brown · August 23, 2010

    David, Thanks so much for linking to this David!

    I make this stuff as a hobby, so it’s really nice to have folks looking at it.

    To everyone else – just know that thanks to David I got to pet a penguin…

  2. Erin W · August 24, 2010

    I also like Octopus arborealus. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tim · September 2, 2010

    One comment, two questions
    1)The mantas at the top of the illustration are depicted as having a black underside. Most mantas have a white or gray coloration with black spots on their undersides.
    2) I love the illustration. How do I obtain a print?
    3) Where can I view the other illustrations you’ve created.
    Keep up the imaginative work!

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