There’s only one way to get these exclusive, limited-edition Jaunty Ocean Critter stickers!

Note: The following is a plug for my Patreon campaign. Funds raised in this campaign go towards keeping the Southern Fried Science servers running as well as research and development for Oceanography for Everyone

Behold the Unflappable Mola Mola!

Soon after the completion of Jacques Week 2017, I realized that I now had a collection of ocean animals wearing jaunty red cap doodles that were almost purpose made to be turned into stickers. So after a bit of research, a lot of redesigns, and a few test runs, the Jaunty Ocean Critter collection was born! Every month for the next year, I’m releasing a new, limited-edition run of Jaunty Ocean Critter stickers for your amusement, bemusement, and sea-musement. Die-cut on heavy vinyl, these stickers will hold up in the water, on your laptop, or attached to your favorite piece of oceanographic equipment. 

We’ve got Unflappable Mola Molas:

Gregarious Starfish:

Salubrious Sperm Whales:

And more!

But there’s a catch (there’s always a catch)! The size of each run will be determined by Patreon subscribers. Those who sign up to receive the Jaunty Ocean Critter reward will get the majority of them. The few remaining stickers will be gifted to various supporters, and then that’s it! There are only 50 stickers in this months run, and half of them are already claimed, so if you want the most exclusive Jaunty Ocean Critter stickers in the sea, my Patreon is the place to be!

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David Shiffman also has his own Patreon campaign for various and sundry shark-related outreach