What is seen cannot be unseen.

I extracted this picture from David Shiffman’s Facebook page, so I really don’t have any context for you. Please post your own captions and backstory in the comment thread. And don’t forget to Vote for David!

There are no words...

There are no words...


  1. Snail · November 25, 2011

    You know, I don’t think context would help. Am I the only one who thinks that skull and crossbones is doing jazz hands?

    • Miriam · November 25, 2011

      No. No you are not. (re: jazz hands.) OH THE HUMANITY.

    • WhySharksMatter · November 25, 2011

      The skull and crossbones was drawn by one of my then-12-year-old campers. Mock his drawing skills all you want, but he’s at Georgetown now.

  2. Sue Ferguson · November 25, 2011

    Okay…..Pirates of the Caribbean it’s not!

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