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From Simpfendorfer and Dulvy 2017 Top panel: Location of sustainable and managed (green circles) and sustainable but not managed
(yellow circles) shark, ray and chimera populations. Populations assessed as unsustainable or lacking
evidence of sustainability (Supplemental information) are not shown. Sustainability is defi ned as current
biomass being greater than that required to achieve Maximum Sustainable Yield (Bcurrent > BMSY),
or current fi shing mortality being less than that which will yield MSY (Fcurrent < FMSY) if current biomass is not available. Managed stocks were those with a science-based management plan in place. Bottom left panel: Proportion of estimated global catch that is sustainable and managed (green), sustainable but not managed (yellow) and lacking evidence for sustainability (red) based on stock assessments and assuming species IUCN-listed as Least Concern and Near Threatened are sustainable but not managed. Bottom right panel: Maximum rate of population increase (rmax) of 19 sustainably fi shed species (green) compared to all other available estimates (n = 75; grey).

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