More proof of Global Draining

Since I discovered the Global Draining phenomenon yesterday, my e-mail and twitter has been flooded with witnesses of similar events all over the country. By fortune and chance, Jeff Priddy documented the earliest stages of Global Draining over three days this weekend. In it, you can see the wetland begin to drain, slow down briefly as the snow melt, and the empty completely. In three days the wetlands were completely dry! Damn you Global Draining!

See the original discovery of the Global Draining trend and ask yourself – can we survive in a world without an ocean?


  1. Toaster · February 18, 2010

    Your so-called scientific evidence is clearly a clever photoshop. I reject it because I like tuna.

  2. Jives · February 18, 2010

    Now is the time for profiteering.
    I’m working on a brewing recipe that uses nothing but dirt.

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