Singing Science: Weather vs. Climate with lyrics for teachers

The month of February 2016 just broke a global temperature recordpreviously held by… January…2016.

While the Trubama climate plans are being praised, the comments section of this Guardian article was still inundated with “Well, it’s cold where I am” posts.  Perhaps we need to create more awareness about the difference between weather and climate…

I know, I’m not supposed to talk about this, but I love to sing.  Every neighbor, flat mate, and unwilling car passenger knows this.  In fact, the only thing I love as much as singing is teaching science, but the metaphorical light bulb didn’t come on until I attended a SciComm workshop in Portugal.  Why not sing about science like many others?  Maybe even weather and climate??

Adele songs were the obvious choice, both for singability and availability of karaoke versions on YouTube, so I began my research.  I asked facebook if this would be a valuable addition to the internets, or best not to talk about it ever again, and the response was significantly positive.  Thus, #SingingScience was born and with it a commitment to do more of these when I have free time.

Enjoy, Weather vs. Climate set to Adele’s “Hello”

**Note (because evidently it’s not obvious):  This is not real meteorological data.

Here are the lyrics for any science teachers who would like them:

Hello, it’s me
I’ve been watching people talking about climatology
They’re wrong about…. Everything
They say that winters are still cold, so
The climate can’t be warming

Oh nooooo, can you see?
That this type of argument is an informal fallacy
Don’t generalize so…. Hastily
There’s 6 major climate zones on Earth, not just the one you see

There’s such a difference
Between weather and climate
So lets give it a try….

Weather changes all the tiiiiiiime
And Climate is the average liiiiine
It’s that simple, really
Because they’re two different things
Weather changes daily,
Climate can last centuries

Remember this analogy

Climate is to a meal what
Weather is to groceries
It’s not hard…

Air, water, and heat from the sun
Are three elements that interact with land to form our weather
It’s difficult to predict
Conversely, climate changes are easy to spot with long term monitoring

It’s no secret
That climates are changing
And parallel CO2 emissions in time


Hello from the outside
In the atmospheric conditions at this particular place and tiiiiiiiiiime
Know climates shift slowly,
Guided by global events,
You don’t have to believe me, go find and ask any…dinosaurs


Have a topic/song you’d like to see mashed up?  Leave it in the comments!