More ineffective advocacy from PETA

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First they paraded half-naked women around in cities (including Charleston, right across from the building where I teach) holding signs that said “I’d rather be naked than wear fur” (Link NSFW). Then they had the “vegetarians have better sex” commercial that the Super Bowl refused to air (Link also NSFW). Now PETA is at it again. Their latest campaign to save the animals by exploiting women is called the “Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door” contest (You guessed it, Link NSFW).

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To enter, you must be a vegetarian or vegan. To win, PETA members have to vote for you because they think you’re attractive. Men can enter as well, but the silhouette in the logo is clearly female.

I have a radical suggestion for PETA. Instead of taking a page from the book of beer commercials and arguing “attractive people do this so you should as well”, why don’t you try to convince people that your side is the right one by using reasoned, respectful argument?